March 2016
Work at Oh! Open House (Potong Pasir), Singapore

25 July-15 August 2015
Audio work at The Dialectal Venacular, National Library Board, Singapore

Audio Installation at Countershadows(Tactics in evasion), Institute of Contemporary Arts, Singapore

1 April 2014
Opening of Override, Bureau, Sculpture Square, Singapore

14 January 2014
Opening of The Blind Witness, Ikkan Gallery, Singapore

14 September 2013
Collaborated work with Residency Group, Bureau, Oversight, Sculpture Square, Singapore

19th July - 21st July 2013
A collaborated work with Vanessa Ban up on Lit-up Arts Festival at Aliwal Arts Centre, Singapore

12th January - 17th January 2013
Closure Artshow, Teban Gardens, Singapore

9th January 2013
Opening of Campaign City: Life in poster Exhibition at Singapore National Library

5-20th January 2013
New work, And they gathered them together in heaps, will be exhibited in OH! OPEN HOUSE at Marina Bay, a local art event curated by Alan Oei.

14-18th November 2012
Two Concrete Walls was exhibited in NIE Art Gallery, Singapore

25th October 2012
The Listener Manual was featured in Waterfall Magazine 5th Edition, Invisible (Cities).
Beautiful Mandarin Translation by Shauba.
OH! Open house-Potong Pasir (2016)
artwork featured on Lianhe Zao Bao
Oh! Open House - Potong Pasir
artwork featured on Lianhe Zao Bao
Fraternize-Helutrans Art Space(2014
Artwork featured on Straits Times
Bureau, Sculpture Square (2013)
Residency project featured
Invisible (Cities) (2011)
Images by Waterfall Magazine
The Listener Manual
Images by Waterfall Magazine