The Blind Witness, 2014
Wood, lamps, speakers, amplifier
253 x 216 x 247 cm
Helutrans Art Space, Ikkan Gallery

In The Blind Witness, the gallery becomes a site to witness the relocation of Keppel Terminal. Port leasing in Keppel will be terminated in 2027. And the area redeveloped into a new waterfront city upon the terminal’s relocation to Tuas. With constant redevelopment, how is place and non-place conceived? Can we reconcile these experiences other than by documenting them visually? Will the absence of vision affect our experience of the event? The Blind Witness explores the possibility of representing events aurally. The light and sound installation fully engages the bodily senses as it prompts us to rethink how we choose to experience, record and remember a loss that will come to pass.